“Climate change is a global emergency” – minority, low-income Americans suffer disproportionately so USG must step in to even things out & achieve “environmental justice” – “must achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible, and no later than 2050”

  • Rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement.
  • End energy production from federal lands.
  • Spend a lot of taxpayer $$ to include minorities in “clean energy economy.”
  • Solar energy & wind turbines.
  • “Affordable public housing.”
  • Zero emission cars & buses via draconian vehicle emission standards.
  • Zero emission agriculture (no more cows?).
  • “Decarbonize American industry” (no more coal, natural gas or oil).

Clean Energy Project “will be financed with federal support, including through the tax code”- this means forcible redistribution of wealth, aka socialism.


(aka “it’s not their fault, no more jails, just more hugs)



  • Too many minorities in prison – mental disorders, substance abuse to blame for crime – narcotrafficking, drug-dealing & addiction are not crimes (or personal choices).
  • Police brutality – need social workers, not cops – non-use-of-force methods – no more “military equipment” for police [ See #38 of “45 Goals of Communism Today, Ch. 13, “The Naked Communist”, 1958].
  • Handle school crime in principal’s office, not w/LLE.
  • No more imprisonment, harsh sentences, cash bail, sentence minimums.
  • Clemency for criminals, commute sentences, “redemption.“
Jail Prison


(not the 3% unemployment Trump achieved…)

  • “runaway income and wealth inequality” [needs centralized govt. to re-adjust this].
  • Right to quality, affordable health care.
  • Pump up the unions again.
  • Raise wages, equal pay.
  • new social and economic compact that “[Grapples] honestly w/America’s long & ongoing history of racism & disenfranchisement, of segregation & discrimination, of economic exclusion & political suppression.”
  • “decisive action to pull the economy out of President Trump’s recession.”
  • “address systemic racism & entrenched income & wealth inequality in our economy & our financial system” [aka forced redistribution of wealth, aka communism].
  • COVID19 all Trump’s fault & hits minorities especially hard.
  • “generous rates of wage replacement” = state pays the worker whether he works or not.
  • $15 minimum wage – paid sick leave – 12 weeks paid family leave.
  • “reform the tax code to be more progressive and equitable.”
  • Infrastructure investment.
  • “reject any efforts to privatize public-sector jobs” – but support private sector, small business.
  • “government should take aggressive steps to increase the supply of housing, especially affordable housing.”
  • Lots of USG (aka taxpayer) $ for education & housing.
  • Address the “racial wealth gap” – historical slavery is the problem.
  • Interference in business & industry to limit acquisitions, mergers & enforce corporate break-ups (only if necessary…).
  • “runaway income and wealth inequality” [only forcible govt redistribution of wealth can fix this].


  • “it is the government’s responsibility to ensure that every child, everywhere, is able to receive a world-class education that enables them to lead meaningful lives, no matter their race, ZIP code, disability status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or household income.”
  • universal, high-quality pre-K.
  • significantly more generous child care and dependent tax credits.
  • make child care affordable, increase quality options for parents, and increase compensation for providers.
  • “early childhood educators, like all educators and all workers, should be paid a fair wage and able to organize, join a union, and collectively bargain for better wages, benefits, and working conditions.”
  • close the school funding gap by tripling Title I funding [more taxes].

Make community colleges tuition-free, including for illegal immigrants.

  • No more annual testing – some students don’t do well on them – instead, lower all the standards.
  • “make public colleges and universities tuition-free for students whose families earn less than $125,000” [more taxes].
  • Make community colleges tuition-free, including for illegal immigrants.
  • Ease terms of student debt repayment, forgive all federal student debt after 20 years.

Protect racial segregation in schools – forcible integration by busing, whether families want it or not.

  • don’t let kids be shamed by school lunch debt – support expanding universal free school meal programs [more taxes].
  • ban for-profit private charter businesses from receiving federal funding.
  • oppose private school vouchers and other policies that divert taxpayer-funded resources away from the public school system [aka, no school choice].
  • No armed security in schools.
  • “expand school-based health services and hire guidance counselors, social workers, and school psychologists to help support students’ mental health needs and social and emotional development” [schools as all-purpose needs centers, paid for by taxes].
  • “student behavioral issues should be addressed by educational professionals, not by the criminal justice system” [#38, “45 Goals of Communism Today,” “Naked Communist”].
  • Oppose racial segregation in schools – forcible integration by busing, whether families want it or not.
  • “protect sensitive locations like schools from immigration enforcement actions” [illegal aliens get protection from lawful ICE enforcement, too].


(Abdul El-Sayed among this team)

Universal Healthcare


  • Racial disparities in US health care.
  • End profit-motive in health care provision.
  • Blame Trump & white privilege for disparities in COVID19 cases.
  • Make COVID-19 testing, treatment, and any eventual vaccines free to everyone, including illegal aliens.
  • Expand Medicaid, federal govt. to pay for it.
  • Offer platinum-level, federally administered health insurance option with low fees and no deductibles, so that everyone will have access to this high-quality, low-cost plan. Low-income
  • Americans will be automatically enrolled in this federally-administered option at zero cost to them […but huge cost to rest of American taxpayers].
  • Stand up a comprehensive, national public health surveillance program for COVID-19 and future infectious diseases.
  • Reinstate US membership in WHO & return to a globalist approach to health care.
  • Obamacare for everyone, no-or-low cost, no deductibles, no-co-pays, price controls.
  • Mental health care, substance abuse treatment – nobody goes to jail for “drug use.”
  • Social, economic, and environmental inequities (“implicit bias”) cause poor health in minorities…[not gangs, guns, obesity & other poor life choices].
  • Abortion for all who want it.
  • $15/per hour minimum wage.


  • Immigrants are part of American story…illegals must be welcomed, never excluded, no travel bans for any source country no matter the threat…that would be “xenophobic”
  • Political asylum for anyone who wants it for any reason, including domestic abuse – international standards that require “persecution” to be discarded.
  • No need for asylum seekers to comply w/international law that says must apply in 1st safe country.
  • “Every person in the U.S.” (regardless of legal status) should have access to testing, treatment, rehabilitation, and vaccines.
  • Citizenship for all illegal aliens – end waiting period for green card.
  • No enforcement action w/re illegals at schools, houses of worship, health care facilities, benefits offices, and DMVs.
  • US should fix all the ills that beleaguer countries that are the source of out-migration.

Political asylum for anyone who wants it for any reason.


Rejoin Paris Climate Agreement – US world leadership for climate change

  • Clean Energy Economy.
  • Direct significant investments to frontline environmental justice communities.
  • “Decarbonize” the economy.
  • “Embed environmental justice and climate justice at the heart of our policy and governing agenda.”
  • “Equity Screen: Implement an ‘Equity Screen’ on all major federal spending, policymaking and infrastructure investments, including climate, energy, environmental, housing, and transportation. Map disadvantaged communities where funding should be prioritized.”
  • Accelerate the adoption of zero-emission vehicles.
  • Transition the entire fleet of 500,000 school buses to American-made, zero emission alternatives within five years.
  • Get people out of cars, into/onto bikes, foot, public transportation.


Systemic racism in our criminal justice system

  • Need to overhaul America’s justice system top to bottom.
  • Systemic racism in our criminal justice system.
  • “our system has criminalized poverty, overpoliced and underserved Black and brown communities.”
  • Use of force, choke holds, ‘racial profiling’, ‘weapons of war,’ body cams, hiring/diversity, national data base for police offenders; rein in doctrine of qualified immunity.
  • “Federal funding to create a civilian corps of unarmed first responders such as social workers, EMTs, and trained mental health professionals” [See #38, Ch. 13, “The Naked Communist” – “Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand or treat”].
  • Ease up on prosecution, create task force ‘outside of DOJ’ to tackle ‘discrimination.’
  • ‘Restorative justice program’ – decriminalize marijuana, retroactively, too; clemency boards, compassionate release.
  • Reduce pretrial detention, end cash bail; end mandatory minimums & death penalty.
  • Juvenile justice reform: “reduce disparate disciplinary treatment of children of color in school and educational settings.”


(Rep. Karen Bass, Co-Chair)

  • “physical security is a precursor to economic security” – stop over policing.
  • Racial gaps in wealth & income rooted in longstanding racial bias, discriminatory practices “that continue to depress the economic and social prosperity of people of color.”
  • Solution: more federal funding, more unions, collective bargaining, paid leave, child care, universal access to pre-school, expand nutrition programs, more tax breaks.
  • No more ICE enforcement or workplace raids to detain illegals.
  • More federal lending $$, unemployment insurance, economic development in underserved areas, expand public sector jobs.
  • “Issue an executive order to prevent companies from receiving federal contracts that outsource jobs overseas, pay workers less than $15 an hour without benefits, refuse to remain neutral in union organizing efforts, hire workers to replace striking workers, or close businesses after workers vote to unionize.”

Physical security is a precursor to economy security – stop over policing.

Shore up public & private pensions.

  • “Stop the privatization of public sector jobs and strongly discourage private control of public infrastructure’.
  • Proactive approach to housing inequities, racial biases: no more gentrification, funding for affordable housing
  • Expand Social Security.
  • Shore up public & private pensions.
  • Build a more progressive tax system: “Use taxes as a tool to address extreme concentrations of income and wealth inequality” – “increase taxes on the wealthiest Americans.”
  • “Implement an expansive job program to ensure Americans have family-sustaining employment” (federal grants & short-term compensation programs, create public health jobs).


  • “it is the government’s responsibility to ensure that every child, everywhere, is able to receive a world-class education that enables them to lead meaningful lives” [meaning, not local govt: centralized, authoritarian govt].
  • “Every child and family in this nation should have access to a high-quality, comprehensive early learning and care experience.”
  • Solution: child care guarantee of grant assistance & refundable tax credit from federal govt. – universal-Pre-K for all 3-4 year-olds.

Every child and family in this nation should have access to a high-quality, comprehensive early learning and care experience.